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Baobab+ Launches Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power Service In Nigeria



Baobab+ Launches Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power Service In Nigeria

Olushola Okunlade Writes

Baobab+, the leader in rural electrification in West Africa and Madagascar, has launched its Pay-As-You-Go solar power service in Nigeria.

Baobab+, a Pan-African group already present in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali, and more recently in Nigeria and DR Congo, has equipped 240,000 households and served more than 1,500,000 beneficiaries in the past six years.

Baobab+ deployed its activities in Nigeria recently. The distribution of solar products started through Baobab MFI Network (parent company) as a top-up loan for its clients; a dedicated Hybrid green loan for productive use solar systems for Small businesses is also available.

According to Kolawole Osinowo, CEO of Baobab+ Nigeria, the company is in Nigeria to help close the huge energy access deficit. He explained that about eighty-five million Nigerians don’t have access to grid electricity. This represents 43% percent of the country’s population and makes Nigeria the country with the largest energy access deficit in the world.

“This week, Baobab+ has launched our Solar Pay-as-you-go home systems in Alimosho Local government in Lagos and Sango-Ota in Ogun State. In the coming months, it will expand its reach across Nigeria to support the government’s effort in off-grid solar distribution. “I am very happy that Baobab+ is taking this next step, made possible by the incredible work done by our team. We started operations in 2021 with a deep focus on providing top-quality solar products leveraging the Baobab Group Microfinance channel, and now we are set to expand the opportunities with affordable access to these products through our Pay-As-You-Go financing option,” said Osinow.

Baobab+ Nigeria aims to equip over 1 million households and Businesses with solar home systems and productive use appliances within five years. Today, we launched the Biolite 620 Solar Home System and Biolite 5000 Solar Home System with TV. We will continue to expand the product portfolio to cater to our customers’ needs across the country.

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For Baobab+, access to energy is also a springboard to enable every African household to part in the digital revolution. In the countries where the company operates, Baobab+ has been a pioneer in launching a smartphone offer with flexible payment and has equipped more than 90,000 households with digital solutions. Baobab+ Nigeria also launched this new offer in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Kaduna, Abuja, and Baobab branches network.

Launched in 2015 and operating in six African countries, Baobab+ is a social enterprise that supports households and micro-entrepreneurs in their energy autonomy and digital access, those products benefit from financing facilities to make them accessible to all and as a prerequisite for later their financial inclusion.

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“We Didn’t Abandon Our Staff, Sahara Reporters’ Claim Untrue, Misleading” – EKEDC



SAHARA REPORTERS is well known as a fake peddler that leads the public to the breakdown of law and order in the country. Eko DisCo also urged the general public to be wary of fake news, innuendos, and propaganda intentionally designed by “SAHARA REPORTERS ENEMIES OF PEACE IN SOCIETY” to cause disaffection among the general public for selfish purposes.

RE: Sahara Reporters story on alleged abandonment of Staff.

Rashidat Okunlade Writes

Eko DisCo has refuted the false claim by SAHARA REPORTERS that it abandoned worker who died from electrocution while working at Ex-Lagos Governor, Fashola’s house, State Ministry.

SAHARA REPORTERS is well known as a fake news peddler that leads the public to the breakdown of law and order in the country.

Eko DisCo also urged the general public to be wary of fake news, innuendos, and propaganda intentionally designed by “SAHARA REPORTERS ENEMIES OF PEACE IN SOCIETY” to cause disaffection among the general public for selfish purposes.


Eko DisCo said: “As a responsible organization, our priority has always been to optimally protect all members of our field team, consistent with applicable health and safety standards.


Our attention has been drawn to the Sahara Reporters` publication of April 12, 2023, captioned “How Eko Electricity Company Abandoned Worker Who Died from Electrocution While Working At Ex-Lagos Governor, Fashola’s House, State Ministry”.


The publication, which is fundamentally untrue and misleading, came to our attention only after it had been published. Against standard journalism practice, Sahara Reporters did not reach out to Eko DisCo to provide comments before the publication was put out. However, with the publication in circulation, there is a compelling need to clarify the untrue insinuations that have been made.


First, it is important to clarify that Mr. Yusuf Balogun (“the Deceased”) did not pass on “While Working At Ex-Lagos Governor, Fashola’s House, State Ministry”. The report is false as the Deceased was not fixing fault on any customer`s premises but was working on our BAGCO 11kV feeder when the unfortunate incident occurred.


To put the facts in perspective, the Deceased was a member of the field team engaged under a contract for services with a third-party human resource service provider – Alexandra Marius, the Deceased employer


As part of Eko Disco’s process, the events that led to the incident were extensively investigated and the following was established:


The incident occurred while the Deceased was working on replacing a damaged Cross Arm on BAGCO 11kV feeder, which tripped in the early hours of Monday, March 17, 2023.


Contrary to the Deceased employer’s and Eko Disco`s safety standards, the Deceased and his team at Ijora District embarked on clearing the fault without obtaining permit to work (PTW), Station, and Guarantee both of which represent official approval for fault clearing.


Also contrary to the laid down safety standards by both the Deceased employer and Eko DisCo, the Deceased did not utilize voltage detector nor tease/ground the electric lines to ensure that the lines were out of supply before commencing fault clearing. The Deceased was also not putting on any safety wear such as hard hat, hand gloves, safety belt, and coverall that were adequately made available by Eko Disco.


Unfortunately, while fixing the fault without complying with above-established safety standards, the Deceased had contact with an energized line and received severe electric shock.


The Deceased was quickly assisted by his colleagues to disengage from the energized lines.


The Deceased became unconscious and was immediately rushed to Avon Medical Centre, Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos for medical attention.


The Deceased was later referred to Federal Medical Centre Ebute Metta, Yaba, Lagos for further medical attention but was confirmed dead a few minutes after his arrival at the hospital on Monday, March 27, 2023.


The Deceased was taken to his house and was buried on March 28, 2023

in accordance with Islamic rites.


The necessary legal and disciplinary processes have been set in motion against the distribution team involved in carrying out the unapproved task with the Deceased without complying with safety standards laid down by both Eko Disco and Alexandra Marius, the Deceased employer.


Following the unfortunate death of the Deceased, we have taken the following definite steps:


  1.  We engaged with the Deceased employer – Alexandra Marius to commence the process of giving respite to the Deceased family
  1. Further to this, we and Alexandra Marius have contacted the Deceased Next of Kin on our records and all necessary arrangements are speedily being made to give respite to the Deceased Family.
  2. Based on our request, the Next of Kin has promised to consult with other family members of the Deceased and give us a date for official condolence visit. We are also closely following up on this.


  1. The Deceased Health Management Office (HMO) provider was immediately contacted to ensure the prompt settlement of the medical bills.



  1. All required documentation for life insurance and the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) claims were received from the Next of Kin. The process is being closely followed to ensure the same is speedily concluded


  1. The Deceased’s salary has been paid up to date.


We have taken the time to provide a detailed record of the unfortunate incident so that the public can be aware of the true state of things. Nothing can ease the pain of death, but we are determined to ensure that the entitlements of the deceased are fully secured in the best time possible; they must not be subject to delay or sensationalism.


We have been at the forefront of advancing the safety and well-being of our staff, and in the unfortunate incident of an accident, we have taken the lead in meeting our obligations to them and their family. And this time was no different.

At the heart of this incident is the deep sense of pain and sadness that the Management and Staff of Eko DisCo have faced. Indeed, the loss is irreparable both to us and to the family of the Deceased and we are deeply pained by the incident and are resolute with our commitment to ensuring that the family of the deceased get respite.


We would at this period appeal that rather than stirring up controversy in the media, a simple reach-out to us for information would clear things up. And this goes for our friends in the media too. Let us let the deceased rest in peace, and their bereaved grieve in peace.














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PwC’s Held Annual Power And Utilities Roundtable



PwC's Held Annual Power And Utilities Roundtable

By Moninuola Sulaiman

PwC’s has held the 13th annual power and utility roundtable recently in Lagos.

The Annual Power and Utility Roundtable is part of PWC’s contribution to the ongoing reforms in the Nigerian power sector.

It is a forum for key players to discuss the present and the future of a fully privatised Nigerian power sector.

The 13th edition of the PwC annual power and utility roundtable took place recently in Lagos. The event, which was hybrid, brought together stakeholders across the value chain.

PwC's Held Annual Power And Utilities Roundtable
Left-Right: MD, Azura Power West Africa Limited, Mr Edu Okeke; Component Lead, Standalone Solar Home Systems (SHS) Nigeria Electrification Project, REA, Lande Abudu; former MD, Transmission Company of Nigeria TCN, Dr. Usman Gur Mohammed, and Partner, Energy, Utilities and Resources, PwC Nigeria, Akinyemi Akingbade during the PwC’s annual Power and Utilities Roundtable held in Lagos.

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Eko Disco Assures Lagos Island Communities, Others Of Electrical Equipment For Improved Power Supply



Eko Disco Assures Lagos Island Communities, And Others Of Electrical Equipment For Improved Power Supply

Olushola Okunlade Writes

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) took its town hall meeting to Islands District on Thursday to further its strategic engagement with customers under its franchise network. Held at the Virgin Rose Resorts in Victoria Island, the forum was attended by residents of Lagos Island, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi environs.

According to a statement by the EKEDC General Manager, Corporate Communications, Godwin Idemudia, the Island District is strategic to our business, hence the importance of the engagement forum to help the Management to identify areas of improving power supply to the customers.

While commending EKEDC for the recent improvement of power supply and turnaround time to clearing faults, the customers at the meeting raised the issue of old and overloaded distribution infrastructure affecting supply in their communities. Many residents from Lagos Island complained about the faults as a result of weak underground cables and overloaded transformers and thus requested solutions from DisCo.

Eko Disco Assures Lagos Island Communities, And Others Of Electrical Equipment For Improved Power Supply
Left-Right: Divisional Crime Officer of Ikoyi Police Divisional Headquarters, Mr. Ishola Olaitan; EKEDC Chief Commercial Officer, Mrs. Rekhiat Momoh; Chairman, Odunfa Feeder Lagos Island, Pastor Odunloye Abisoye; and EKEDC Islands District Manager, Mr. Hakeem Fashola at the Customer Engagement Forum by the Disco on Thursday in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Reacting to the customers’ queries, the MD/CEO of EKEDC, Dr. Tinuade Sanda, represented by the Chief Commercial Officer, Mrs. Rekhiat Momoh, appreciated the customers’ feedback and explained that the presence of weak and old cables in the network was due to construction of buildings on such cables, which has made it difficult to carry out repairs. She however stated that EKEDC is devising alternative means to mitigate this challenge. Concerning the issue of the overloaded transformers, she assured the customers that the company, as part of its continuous improvements projects is working on providing relief distribution transformers to many areas under the Islands District.

The Divisional Crime Officer of Ikoyi Police Divisional Headquarters, Mr. Ishola Olaitan, explained to customers at the forum that the spate of vandalism in Ikoyi and Lagos Island also contributes to the damage of cables. He called on the customers to aid the Police Force and EKEDC in curbing the crime by reporting to the Police or EKEDC via its whistleblower platforms.

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