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Global Ride-Hailing Platform In Drive Partners SHIELD To Boost Trust And Fairness



Global Ride-Hailing Platform In Drive Partners SHIELD To Boost Trust And Fairness

Olushola Okunlade Writes

inDrive, the world’s fastest-growing online ride-hailing service, today announced that it is utilizing global risk intelligence company SHIELD’s Device Intelligence.

SHIELD’s technology is strengthening inDrive’s defenses against fraud and helping it achieve the highest levels of trust, transparency, and fairness for drivers and passengers worldwide.

With the second most downloaded mobility app in the world, inDrive provides for the mobility needs of users in over 700 cities and across 47 countries. Today, the inDrive app has been downloaded more than 150 million times. A people-driven business on a mission to challenge injustice, the platform uniquely empowers drivers and passengers to negotiate fair price offers based on route or other factors.

SHIELD provides industry-leading risk intelligence which eliminates injustice and unfairness by ensuring that negotiations and prices are kept transparent. Dishonest and fraudulent users are kept out of the inDrive platform, preventing them from causing issues such as unwarranted price hikes.

SHIELD’s Device Intelligence will provide the driving force for inDrive to stay ahead of ride-hailing fraud syndicates across the world. These fraud groups often use fake accounts, which can be created with tools such as app cloners, with stolen identities, or even by taking over legitimate accounts. Using app cloners, fraudsters are able to create and access multiple instances of the same app from a single device. Fraud syndicates further scale the breadth of their fraud strategy by replicating this across a large number of devices. Fake accounts can be used to complete ghost rides – rides that do not actually happen – to quickly rack up ride completion incentives. Fake accounts can also be combined with the use of GPS spoofers to simulate high demand in one area, causing fare surges fraud syndicates profit from.

Proactively looking to stop fraud, inDrive will leverage the SHIELD ID, the global standard for device identification that can help link fake devices created from the same physical device, which could number in the thousands. The SHIELD ID will empower inDrive to identify instances of multiple driver or passenger accounts being operated from the same device. At the same time, SHIELD’s AI technology can pinpoint large numbers of accounts tapping on the same IP address or subnet. SHIELD’s Risk Indicators will detect the installation and activation of all malicious tools and techniques on the platform, such as GPS spoofers, tampered apps, and app cloners.

SHIELD’s Risk Intelligence does this all without the need for Personal Identifiable Information (PII), ensuring that inDrive remains compliant with data protection and privacy laws around the world without compromising on security.

inDrive was rapidly launching in new markets and needed to account for the diverse and distinct fraud risks. SHIELD’s Global Intelligence Network ensured that inDrive could stay ahead of emerging threats while catering to the unique risk profiles of each region.

Arsen Tomsky, CEO & Founder, inDrive said, “inDrive is dedicated to fighting injustice and upholding transparency and fairness in the mobility and transportation space. Our partnership with SHIELD empowers us to stay true to our mission of helping people, as well as ensuring the highest standards of trust and fairness for all while maintaining our rapid pace of growth.”

Justin Lie, Founder, and CEO of SHIELD, added, “inDrive’s revolutionary price negotiation model is a breath of fresh air in the ride-hailing industry.  Trust is a two-way street, and SHIELD is proud to be helping inDrive ensure fair prices and a level playing field for genuine drivers and passengers.”

Know More About inDrive: inDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform and is one of the world’s fastest-growing ride-hailing services. The Company operates in over 700 cities in 47 countries around the world. The inDrive app has been downloaded over 150 million times.

inDrive, formerly inDriver, has grown far beyond ride-sharing to become a marketplace of services including intercity transportation, cargo, handyman services, job hunting, and delivery. The company will continue to expand and diversify the services it offers.

inDrive is based in Mountain View, California, and operates regional hubs in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the countries of the CIS, and employs over 2,700 people. In early 2021, inDrive closed a $140m investment round with Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Bond Capital. For more information visit

Know More About SHIELD: SHIELD is the world’s leading risk intelligence company that helps global organizations such as inDrive, Alibaba, Mobile Premier League (MPL), TrueMoney, and Maya stop fraud, build trust, and drive growth. We combine AI and explainable machine-learning algorithms to help all online businesses stay ahead of new and unknown fraud.

With offices in San Francisco, Miami, London, Berlin, Jakarta, Bengaluru, Beijing, Singapore, we are rapidly achieving our mission to enable trust in the world. For more information, visit

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NBC Reaffirms Commitment To Water Stewardship Goals



NBC Reaffirms Commitment To Water Stewardship Goals

…as it celebrates World Water Day with community outreaches

In line with its commitment to promote water sustainability, Nigeria’s leading consumer packaged goods company, Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Ltd, a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC), has advocated for social responsibility towards water use in the celebration of the 2023 World Water Day.

To commemorate the event, the company organized a range of events across its plants in the country including community outreach initiatives, symposiums, and lectures aimed at raising awareness of the importance of water conservation.

As part of the celebration, NBC opened its doors to a selected group of journalists providing them with an exclusive tour of its state-of-the-art Lagos plant. During the visit, the media representatives received a comprehensive briefing on the company’s cutting-edge water treatment procedures.

Ekuma Eze, NBC’s Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director, discussed the company’s dedication to sustainable water management. With the theme for World Water Day 2023 being “Accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis,” he highlighted the company’s commitment to demonstrating its initiatives towards responsible water usage and educating the public on the importance of preserving water as a shared resource. “We are aware that water is a vital ingredient in our products. As a result, we are dedicated to using water in ways that are environmentally sustainable, and economically advantageous in the communities where we operate. In our facilities, we put ourselves to the test by setting too ambitious goals for how to cut the amount of water we use to make our beverages.”

NBC Reaffirms Commitment To Water Stewardship Goals

Left-Right: Olukemi Ogunsakin, Corporate Communications Specialist, Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Ltd.; Jerome Oyebanji, Corporate Affairs & Community Partnerships Manager (Lagos/West), NBC; Temitope Ogunrinde, National Environment Manager, NBC and members of the media and volunteers during a facility tour to the Nigerian Bottling Company Ikeja plant by members of the media in commemoration of World Water Day.

Over the last five years, NBC has made noteworthy progress in its efforts to minimize its water consumption, achieving an 18% reduction in its water use ratio. In the previous year, the amount of water abstracted from the environment was reduced by 4%, with 1.5 billion litres of water released back into the environment in a condition suitable for aquatic life. In addition, the organization has implemented measures to recycle the water it extracts, with 192 million litres (4%) of water reused in 2022. Moreover, NBC has donated 22.5 million litres of water back to its host communities, underscoring its commitment to sustainable water management practices.

Temitope Ogunrinde, National Environment Manager, NBC, added that the company was open to partnerships with the government and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable water supply. He emphasized that “Water is an essential part of daily life, and it’s crucial to sustain the water supply to prevent water insecurity, particularly in high-risk areas.”

NBC has a proven track record of undertaking various water stewardship projects in the past. In 2019, the organization refurbished the Kano State Water Board Laboratory in Panshekara, equipping it with cutting-edge water testing technology, along with installing two tube wells to provide clean water to more than 300,000 individuals residing in the Madobi area and Challawa community.


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Jumia Nigeria Unveils 2023 Tech Week



Jumia Nigeria Unveils 2023 Tech Week

…Consumers in Nigeria to leverage the campaign to upgrade their tech devices

Jumia, the leading pan-African e-commerce platform, has announced the launch of its annual “Tech Week” campaign, an initiative aimed at providing consumers access to authentic tech devices such as mobile phones and accessories, TVs, computers, cameras, video games, and much more.

Scheduled to run from March 20th to April 2nd, the Tech Week campaign offers all consumers nationwide the opportunity to upgrade their tech devices for less from renowned brands like Xiaomi, Oraimo, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Edifier, Weyon, Nexus, Haier Thermocool, Scanfrost, and Binatone, amongst others.

“We believe everyone should have access to quality products at competitive prices, and we are committed to making this a reality. By partnering with leading brands to provide our consumers with access to the latest tech devices, we hope to help bridge the digital divide and empower more people to achieve their full potential. Consumers can be sure to have their tech needs met during this campaign. At Jumia, we remain committed to providing the best shopping experience to our consumers across the country,” said Massimiliano Spalazzi, CEO, Jumia Nigeria.

“Oraimo is delighted to partner with Jumia for this year’s Tech Week. We believe that this partnership is of great significance as it enables us to showcase our innovative and cutting-edge mobile accessories and lifestyle offerings to a wider audience in Nigeria. As a leading e-commerce platform committed to delivering quality products and excellent customer service, Jumia is the perfect partner for Oraimo. Through this collaboration, we are determined to bring amazing offers and deals to our customers and ensure that they have access to our high-quality products. We are excited to work alongside Jumia to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience and build a lasting relationship with them. Together, we are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers. We look forward to a successful partnership with Jumia,” said Alex Liu, E-Commerce Operation Manager, Oraimo Technology Limited.

As technology continues to play a vital role in shaping the way we live and work, it’s no surprise that more Nigerians are leveraging its power to improve themselves. According to a recent digital report by Meltwater, there were 122.5 million internet users in Nigeria at the start of 2023, and internet penetration stood at 55.4 percent. These figures are a testament to the growing importance of technology in Nigeria and the increasing role it plays in driving the country’s economy. Jumia remains committed to empowering more Nigerians to take advantage of the benefits of technology through initiatives like Tech Week.

Know More About Jumia: Jumia believes that technology can potentially transform everyday life in Africa for the better. Jumia was built to help consumers access millions of goods and services conveniently and at the best prices while opening up a new way for sellers to reach consumers and grow their businesses.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2019, Jumia is the leading e-commerce company in Africa, operating in 11 countries. The Jumia platform consists of a marketplace, which connects sellers with consumers, a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, JumiaPay, which offers a safe and easy solution to facilitate online payment transactions. The company offers goods across a broad range of categories, such as phones and electronics, home appliances, fast-moving consumer goods, fashion, and beauty. The company generated over USD 1 million in Gross Merchandise Value in 2022 and has over eight million customers.

For more information about Jumia, follow us on LinkedIn: Jumia Nigeria and Twitter: JumiaNigeria

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Transforming Transportation 2023: Accelerating Toward Green And Inclusive Mobility



Transforming Transportation 2023: Accelerating Toward Green & Inclusive Mobility

Today’s global challenges are putting serious pressure on transport systems. From climate change and COVID-19 to conflict and macroeconomic instability, what are the implications of the current context for transport, and for the people and businesses that rely on it?

How can we help the sector navigate these compounding crises? Can this be a starting point to reimagine transport and make it more inclusive, safe, sustainable, and efficient?

These are some of the key questions that we will be discussing with leaders and experts from around the world as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Transforming Transportation conference.

Join us live on March 14-15 and be a part of the global conversation!


March 14, 2023

8:30 – 10:00 a.m.  EST
Welcome address: Guangzhe Chen, Vice President for Infrastructure, World Bank and Ani Dasgupta, President & CEO, World Resources Institute
Opening Keynote: Bertrand Piccard, Serial Explorer and Environmentalist
Tour around the world: Mayors’ perspectives (Accra, Dhaka, Lima)

11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. EST
Plenary session – Untangling Global Supply Chains: How to Make Green and Resilient Logistics a Reality

March 15, 2023

9:00 – 10:30 a.m. EST
Opening Keynote: Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister, Ukraine followed by Anna Bjerde, Vice President for Europe and Central Asia, World Bank
Plenary session – Resilient Transport: Navigating Climate Change, Conflict, and Disruptions


– Patrick Achi, Prime Minister, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
– Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister, Ukraine
– Francois Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Mobility, Luxembourg
– Axel van Trotsenburg, Managing Director of Operations, World Bank
– Anna Bjerde, Vice President, Europe, and Central Asia, World Bank
– Guangzhe Chen, Vice President for Infrastructure, The World Bank
– Victoria Kwakwa, Vice President, Eastern and Southern Africa, World Bank
– Ani Dasgupta, President, and CEO, World Resources Institute
– Wayan Koster, Governor of Bali, Indonesia
– Elizabeth K. T. Sackey, Metropolitan Chief Executive, Accra, Ghana
– Atiqul Islam, Mayor of Dhaka, Bangladesh
– Bertrand Piccard, Serial Explorer, and Environmentalist

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