By Olushola Okunlade

In celebration of World Health Day, Orange Group, an innovative fast-moving consumer goods leader, has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing health and wellness with the launch of the pocket-friendly immune booster, Herbasip.

This announcement is in alignment with the 2024 World Health Day theme, “My health, my right” which champions the universal right to health, emphasizing the critical need for every person, regardless of location, to access and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Orange Group Media and Communications Director, Uchenna Ezenna, “At Orange Group, championing innovative, accessible, and cost-effective healthcare solutions has always been at the core of our mission. With the introduction of Herbasip, we continue our legacy as a trailblazer in health and wellness.”

A World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 report reveals a heightened global awareness of health challenges. This includes concerns about pandemics, antibiotic resistance, the rise of chronic diseases, and the impact of stress on our immune systems.

Adding to this challenge, a 2021 World Bank report highlights the financial burden of healthcare. Even before the pandemic, healthcare costs pushed over half a billion people into poverty. This situation likely worsened, underlining the critical need for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

The most rewarding part to us is the accessibility to the everyday Nigerian, Uchenna Ezenna explained, “It’s not just about providing an innovative product, but ensuring that it reaches every corner of Nigeria. We aim to break down barriers to health equity, making sure that Herbasip is not only affordable but also easily obtainable for every Nigerian, regardless of their economic or social status.”

Enriched with a potent blend of natural herbs, Herbasip is meticulously formulated to bolster the body’s defenses against diseases, keeping it resilient and healthy. Herbasip is affordable and stands as a testament to Orange Group’s commitment to making health a priority for everyone, affirming the belief that good health should not be a privilege but a right, in line with the message of World Health Day 2024.

Orange Group is a large, diversified consumer goods company based in Nigeria with footprints across West Africa. They cover four key sectors: Beverage, Lighting, Personal Care, and Pharmaceuticals.

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About Herbasip

Distributed by Orange Group, Herbasip is a daily immune booster designed to support the body’s natural defenses. This affordable and accessible formula offers a convenient way to promote overall wellness.


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